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The productive soul of the brand is hidden in the artisanal workshop, placed in a tiny italian village where parfums are manufactured after keen research, carried out with an artistic and creative mindset. The aim is the creation of absolute value perfumes, so that fragrances can become the vehicle through which a seamless bond between research, artisanal practices and accurate selection of raw materials is brought to life.


The collection was brought to life in a small family-run workshop located in central Italy; this location is the very core that defines the collection. The close contact with the down-to-earth everyday routine and the din of the village, the scents of nature, the genuine and traditional touch of everything around, are the elements that give the idea of contrast that is typical of the collection: tradition, sacredness, passions and legacies arewatched closely through pagan eyes, in order to capture their essence. The formulas have some recognisable ingredient like the layered echoes of the resins, woods and notes that recall moulds, where majestic flowers and herbal notes, conjured with and old-style touch, reveal an ample dark base.



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