The brand was born from the passion of style and craftsmanship of the spouses Simona and Simone Bellegati that share the same path in life for 25 years.

Travel lovers and researchers of beauty, always in search of emotions, obviously to be transmitted through fashion.

“The purchaser of our models have the need to feel fashionable, but not only, also seeks the perfect combination of taste and emotion in a unique object, with the highest craftsmanship that characterizes the Made in Italy”.

The brand was founded in 2007, when its designers had reached a level of maturity designer and technical enough to be able to walk with the strength and the knowledge to be ready to create collections of high quality and that meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding clients.

The woman needs beauty in every day”, and it is our goal to make sure that every woman can enjoy a wide selection of leather goods Becatò.

Ensuring the utmost attention to the story that each model is, because fashion tells who we are and where we go.

Bags and accessories are characterized by minimal care of every particular detail and use of materials. Always respecting the classic lines that have characterized the history of leather goods, models suggest that you peel off from the large choice that offers the current market, revisiting each model and adding a touch of personal style Becatò.



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