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After World War II, the passion of the brothers Bilancioni – Umberto and Elio – gave start to a company – a dream, at the same time – located in the heart of the Marche Region, Castelferretti. Umberto and Elio were guided by the instinctive dream of beauty and by the desire of creating products which could tell themselves apart in the market of knitwear.They took care of the selection of raw materials, yarn washing and manufacturing procedures, counting on local talented workers.
Umberto becomes the only one leader of the company and the enterprise goes on. At the same time,the research on knitting procedures aims to horizons of excellency as well as to the development of a strong unmistakable style connoted by the unusual balance between precious detailed decorativism in details and the utmost refined elegance.
The brand Bilancioni becomes unique and recognizable, thanks to its character and force. It is projected as a prestigious conjugation of “Made in Italy” creativity. It is during the 80s that Umberto Bilancioni created the first collection Bilancioni. Knitwear has always been the core of creation, an absolute protagonist with its bold handcraft features matched with precious leather. Collections have been enriched by suits, shirts, accessory with a casual chic inspiration, being designed to satisfy the attentive taste of elegant globe-trotters.
The incipit is the starting of the conquer for global markets, European countries first, United States afterwards, followed by Arabian countries and Russia, with the most recent landing to China.
At the end of the 90s, courage and passion which gave soul to Bilancioni history, live the generational shift from the father, Umberto,to his sons,the young Riccardo and Valerio. The transition infuses with vital lymph and essential verve necessary to accept the challenges of the contemporary global markets. The winning passage enforced and consolidated the philosophy and tradition of Bilancioni’s luxury, without leaving behind an on-going trend update.



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