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The Origins

When I decided to start a knitwear business in 1978, Perugia was already one of the major towns in the trade and employed over thirteen thousand people.

I got a 500,000 lire loan and set up a workshop, which made five colored cashmere sweaters for my first sample collection.
Sales took off immediately, especially on the German market.

The business grew and the time soon came when I had to make a major decision.

Should I remain a good company like so many others or should I, in the words of American economist

Theodore Levitt, whose ideas had inspired me to start this business in the first place, take a leap of faith and become the very best at specializing in a unique product?

I chose cashmere because it is a highly specialized product: out of the whole fleece, you only use the fine fibers from a very small area beneath the animal’s neck.




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