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In 1947, our uncle, Carlo Maria di Chio, started his job as a shirt tailor, sewing silk fabric, recycled from parachutes abandoned in Italy during WWII.

Following this experience he decided to export his expertise overseas and he landed in America. He set up his activity, moving from town to town, from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, on the famous “ Greyhound Route” from the name of the beautiful greyhound dogs.

That’s how the passion for these fast running animals and for races was born, and so he became, in a short time and successfully, the official supplier for these sports competions’ lovers , among which there are business men and politicians. the urban development, the long bus trips between these towns deeply affected Carlo Maria di Chio’s tailoring talent, whose surname got translated and made popular by friends and customers as “Dickson”.

This italian-american bond gave birth to a shirt with a sporty and urban philosophy.
Taste and experience as a shirt tailor, this is what we have been passed on up to now, which has allowed us to realize the new Dickson shirt, as you can enjoy today, studied and offered in a contemporary concept.



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