EXIBIT is a line of fast fashion belonging to Dewin Group srl.
He was born September 19, 2003, in Paris, on the corner of a bar of the Saint Germain district, the encounter between its founders and the idea of French fashion to translate into fashion the essence of nationality, the lifestyle in its peculiarities.

It generates so EXIBIT: Translating brand “or ‘BBit”, a typical example of a certain Neapolitan way of a few decades ago, the fashionable Mediterranean man, “true” and refined, authentic and sophisticated.
The experience of several generations, the continuous evolution the style, the huge advantage of a product ready and the quality of garments made entirely in Italy have made EXIBIT an established brand in the menswear sector; dedicated to a young target but ready to make cross excursus elegant to reach the widest audience.
The properties of bells origins it transmitted the tradition of his homeland, culturally rich and diverse, the EXIBIT collections that are presented every year with updates always “up to date “and characterized by sophisticated and contemporary details. EXIBIT is open to national and international distribution.

The EXIBIT collections are MADE IN ITALY.
The quality tailoring emerges in the clothes, in the built and informal jackets, coordinates the shirts, knitwear and accessories (shoes, bags, belts, scarves) that make the outfit complete.
Fabrics , finishes and colors make EXIBIT a brand that is able to offer high quality MADE iN ITALY while positioning itself in a very competitive price range.

With its strategic positioning in the “FAST FASHION” EXIBIT is characterized by its main architects stylistic choices of an ever-growing success.
Colors, fabrics and lines create an online collection with MOOD of the season ready to be purchased.





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