Combining style and well-being… Glamour and ethics meet.

Fradi’s philosophy.

Fradi’s dream is to create and innovate, getting involved in an ever changing market.

Fradi is a dynamic brand, and it means charm, seduction and attraction; that’s what we want it to convey: a merging of style and innovation. The story of the brand begins in Martina Franca, Apulia, a land with a millennial history, a land with unique landscapes, nature and environment; Fradi is an idea of two brothers, Domenico and Francesco Dimarco, both with a common passion, and engaged in doing business in a land answering the call of clothing production, with the will to emerge, typical of entrepreneurs used to exciting challenges.

Our goal is to make Fradi a brand known for skillful working, a return of Italian productions, appreciation for specialized working, a unique manufacturing heritage that must be preserved.

A network where each enterprise is specialized in a specific production area, and is chosen in every single region of the Country. An outsourcing strategy for Italian craftsmanship, to offer our customers all Italian excellence.




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