The brand Takeshy Kurosawa is histrionic, sharp, strictly unconventional, just like the fancy name that gave life and personality.

It is one of the most famous Italian brands in the world of denim scene: he broke the national borders with the production capacity out of the ordinary and has become a must in the international fashion capitals.

The manufacturer of the brand is constantly evolving and growing with particular regard to customer service, which has become over time one of the greatest strengths.


The fashion addicts know him for a long time.

And they know that Takeshy Kurosawa is neither the name of the descendant of an old noble family of samurai nor that of a new exponent of cinematography of the rising sun, but a clothing brand that is an expression of pure denim, 100% Italian, embellished with original canvases edged imported from Japanese companies and the leader of Eastern textile manufacture Amhot Kurabo.

Lang Srl, the Neapolitan society which owns the brand born in 2004 that has now carved out a place of respect in the wardrobe of men and women around the world, especially in the segment of the market between 20 and 40 years old who wants to be sophisticated, refined and glamorous.




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