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Nicola Trussardi turned Trussardi into an industrial group, diversifying its product range and entering the sectors of clothing and luxury accessories; his vision was to create a brand whose style would embrace every aspect of life, always aiming for the very highest standards. In 1973, Trussardi became the first designer to adopt a logo identifying all its products: the Greyhound. A symbol of agility and energy, the Greyhound revolutionized the international fashion system, leaving an indelible mark on the tastes of the time with its sophistication, refinement, and maniacal attention to detail, using materials of unparalleled quality. With his firm grounding in a quintessentially Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation, Nicola Trussardi designed, produced and marketed suitcases, bags, articles for the home and office, and leather jackets in constantly changing styles, which rapidly gained a reputation in Italy and around the world as emblems of peerless quality.

In the ’80s, the Greyhound’s success helped Trussardi move into clothing, launching its first menswear and womenswear collections; it gained more widespread popularity through the first fashion shows finally open to the general public (such as the memorable events at Teatro Alla Scala and in Piazza del Duomo), while working with leading Italian firms (such as Alitalia, Garelli, Agusta and Alfa Romeo) to redefine the “Made in Italy” label.




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