It’s from the encounter of a Made in Italy accuracy, together with the unique choice of a

refined leather and the current need of a versatile style that YLATI Footwear takes form.

Since the beginning, the aim of our brand has been a perfect combination of three main

components: the Italian tradition, the use of high quality materials and the avant-garde


The YLATI Footwear collections evoke the “Phlegrean Fields” atmosphere, the land where this

brand was conceived; places where a perfect fusion of a thousand-year old history, the

perfume of the sea and the power of the city are materialized.

YLATI appeals to those whose ethos and style reflect attention to high quality and the finer

details of life. Our brand represents a full spectrum of lifestyles, from the various places we

work to the weekends and holidays we cherish so much. YLATI transcends exquisite versatility.

YLATI reads as Italy spelled backwards… YLATI strives to proliferate our heritage of Italian

quality, forward thinking, and passion for doing what we love most.





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